Voiceover Rates – How much Does A Voiceover Cost?

Voiceover Rates A Guide

Please treat this rate-card as a guideline. Each Voiceover is a bespoke, “made to measure” audio recording. As such, its quite difficult to set a rate card to cover all scripts and licences.

Rates are based on:
~ length of script
~ whether it is for broadcast or non-broadcast
~ usage licence: For Example: web/online, TV, Radio, internal presentation
~ length of licence requested – full buyout, 3months, 6months etc.

Do get in touch and we can work together to discuss your project requirements and your budget: alison@thephonevoice.com

Voiceover Ratecard

Internet Video/Explainer£250Usage fees may apply. Based on size of company, reach of video.1. Web explainers are show-how videos, often done in cartoon or doodle form, and then narrated, typically 1-2m long.
2. If your video is longer please get in touch for quote
3. This rate is not applicable to web commercials, pre-roll ads, spotify. Please see relevant section for pricing
Non-Broadcast/Corporate NarrationUp to 1 min :
1- 2 mins: £200
2-5 mins: £250
5-10 mins: £350
10-20mins: £400
20-30 mins: £450
30-60 mins: £550
No usage fee if not broadcast1. Corporate voiceover is defined as generic VO used for a companies AV content.
2. This does not include commercial, explainer or web-content, unless on an internal intranet only.
3. For several hours of recorded Vo, discounts may apply.
E-learningUp to 1 min :
1- 2 mins: £200
2-5 mins: £250
5-10 mins: £350
10-20mins: £400
20-30 mins: £450
30-60 mins: £550
usage fee includedAdditional costs: 50p per file split
Phone Messages50 Words or less : £50
50 – 100 Words : £65
100 – 150 Words: £85
On hold messages at non-broadcast/corporate rate.
Radio CommercialsAs per Equity guidelines
TV Commercials£250As per TVR ‘s outlined on usefee.tv
Web commercials£250400% of BSF for 1 year
Web Pre-Roll£250400% of BSF for 1 yearPre-Roll videos are commercials which appear on sites like YouTube before, during or at the end of the main video content


Phone Prompt : £5 per prompt (min order 10 prompts)
What is a prompt? A prompt is one or two lines which offers the caller an option for action. For example: “To listen again to the menu, please press 2”
Example of Phone Scripts

On Hold Messages: prices start at £99
Many phone system recordings rates are based on a full-buyout licence ( so you won’t be asked for any additional payment in the future).



How to work out the length of your script? As a good guide 1 minute of recorded voiceover works out at approx 130-150 words.


Broadcast Voiceovers: Animation/Games/ ADR
Voiceover rates for Broadcast voiceovers vary hugely.  Please email with project details.

Please include media, usage and territory.


SmartPhone/ Web Apps

App voiceover requirements vary greatly from application to application. Please email your script for a quote and turnaround time. No matter how small or large the voiceover requirements please do get in touch!


Podcast Recordings:

Please email to discuss your project spec. One-off podcast recording(intros & outros)start at £50




If you would like to confirm the rate and turnaround time for your Voiceover Script, please email it toalison@thephonevoice.com. Please include as much information as possible (broadcast/non-broadcast, usage, length of licence) and I shall email a quote within 24 hours.