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I provide voiceover recordings for:

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When a customer call your business, create a good impression by using a professional voiceover to record your phone messages.  No matter how small your organisation, a professionally recorded voicemail, on hold message or phone prompts can really improve your company image and customer experience.

A Female voice is a popular choice for phone system recordings.  Let my British Accent guide your callers to the correct department or person, who can answer your customers query or fulfill their order.

How To Order:

Booking a phone system recording is no different to ordering any other voiceover recording. However, the audio format required may be more specific to be compatible with your own phone system. As I am not a telephone engineer I’m not able to offer any advice as to the audio format your particular phone system requires. This information is usually easily found in your telephone system instruction booklet, or by calling the customer service line for your phone company.
Once you are able to identify the format and specifications required, please do email me your telephone script for a quote and turnaround time.

Please note: I do not record directly onto your telephone system, I can only provide you with audio files (wav,mp3, aif format) recorded in my home studio.

How A Professional Voiceover Phone System message can help YOUR business:

Just a few benefits….

– Creates a positive first impression of your company- projects a professional image

– Achieve a consistent voice throughout the company

– A clear voice on your IVR can quickly guide callers to the correct person, saving time & increasing efficiency

– Use On Hold messages to market your products and services creatively to your callers as they wait


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For a guide to rates, please go to my Voiceover Pricing page.