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E-learning voiceover

Are you looking for a voice to narrate your E-learning modules?

Do you have a training slide-show in need of a Voiceover?

Does your HR department need a Voiceover for your internal training presentations?

Are you an E-Learning Solution provider? Do you develop courseware for your customers?

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above questions, then please take a listen to my Training and Elearning demo..



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    E-learning & Explainer Demo

E-learning voiceovers can be read in a formal or informal manner.  I can provide either a formal voice so the text is read in a concise manner and at even pace.  Each word is clearly enunciated and the content is clearly communicated to the listener.  This is especially important in language courses or if the student/learner first language is not English.

Alternatively you may prefer a more conversational, chatty tone.  So your script comes alive to the listener in a way that is warm and engaging.

If you would like more help deciding which Voiceover Style suits your e-learning project best, take a listen to these audio clips – one short script recorded in three different voiceover styles.


When recording your E-learning and Training script, it can be helpful to receive the following information:

~ Who is the student? Who is the course targeted to? (gender,age etc)

~ what tone are you looking for in the read? ( formal, light and breezy, conversational, enthusiatic, intimate?)

~ provide a pronunciation key and acronym key.

~ Script layout: If possible please do not split sentences so they continue onto the next page.

~ Which audio format do you require the voiceover files to be delivered in – wav,mp3, aiff?

Send me your Elearning script today for a quote and turnaround time!