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Bristol Voiceover Artist : Alison Pitman

Bristol Voiceover Artist: Alison Pitman

Take A Listen to Bristol Voiceover Artist: RP British Accent with just a hint of Bristolian 😉

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Get 3 A*’s
When you Hire Alison Pitman Voiceover Artist


full_colour_72dpiA* = Able : Alison has recorded numerous voiceover projects for large international companies as well as small, locally based organisations.
Projects have included explainer video narrations, E-learning, phone system recordings, commercials and documentary narrations.
Her voiceover style and delivery is ideally suited to informational and educational recordings.  Equally happy to take direction, or self-direct the recording; Alison records in her home studio and delivers the audio in whichever format is appropriate to your project.

full_colour_72dpiA* = Affable : Alison enjoys her work as a voiceover artist.  She enjoys working as part of your team and strives to get the recording you desire in an easy-going and friendly manner.


full_colour_72dpiA* = Available : Local to the Bristol area, Alison can either pop round to record in a studio of your choosing, or can record, edit and deliver the voiceover from her home studio.  Having a home studio allows Alison to be flexible and affordable.
Studio fees are included within her rates and working from home allows her to deliver the voiceover quickly and out-of-hours if needed.

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